Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Magic of Special Delivery Jones

My dad always told me that no matter what your job, do your best. Whether you're pushing a broom or performing brain surgery, you should give it your all. Wrestler "Special Delivery" Jones epitomized this. The guy never won all that many matches in the World Wrestling Federation but he always entertained the fans and he always made you believe this could be his big week to win.

Born Conrad Efraim, the man who fans would come to know as "S.D." began his career working in the territories of the day. He often teamed with storyline cousin Rufus R. "Freight Train" Jones, feuding with the legendary team of Ole and Gene Anderson. From there, S.D. worked several territories in the National Wrestling Alliance before coming to the place where he would become best known-the World Wrestling Federation.

While S.D. won his fair share of matches in the NWA territories (including three regional tag team championships), he was better known for being what is euphemistically known as "enhancement talent". S.D. Jones was the guy who lost matches week after week, making the WWF's star wrestlers look good. Jones would give it his all and his opponent would usually know they'd be in a fight but most fans can't remember too many wins for "Special Delivery".

But oh was he good at what he did. S.D. always put on entertaining matches and unlike most of the enhancement guys, he had a definite moveset. S.D.'s headbutt nearly won him many a match as did his pugilistic skills. S.D. always came up on the short end of the stick but he always made the fans believe that this could be his big week. That was the magic of Special Delivery, the guy lost week after week but he always put on such an engaging match that you felt like his first win was about to happen. He also had an endearing quality that made you want him to win.

And for a guy who never won a lot of matches, he sure did a lot of other cool things. S.D. was involved in the legendary haircut match where Ken Patera and "Big" John Studd cut Andre the Giant's hair. S.D. made history at Wrestlemania by losing to "King Kong" Bundy in a record-breaking (at the time) 9 seconds. And how many job guys do you know that had their own action figure? S.D. did! Even better, he appeared in the WWF's music video "Land of a Thousand Dances". Pretty impressive for a guy who was paid to count the lights every night. Jones definitely delivered in the ring and he always gave it his best.

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