Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jeff Hardy back in title picture at Survivor Series (SPOILERS)

According to spoilers that I've heard from sources who attended the most recent SmackDown! tapings, it appears that Jeff Hardy is back in the picture for the WWE Title. Not only will Jeff defeat the Undertaker this Friday on SmackDown! but he'll beat Triple H the following week, earning a spot in the Koslov/HHH title match at Survivor Series. Yes, Jeff will be fighting in a Triple Threat Match.

What does this mean for Hardy fans looking for Jeff to finally win the big one? Things are definitely interesting as Jeff seems headed towards a heel turn. As I mentioned in my column at World Wrestling Insanity, this is a risky but potentially lucrative opportunity for Hardy. If the WWE books his turn right, he could gain some new fans. The problem is making sure that his current fans don't turn on him when (and if) he goes heel.

As always, things are never boring with Jeff Hardy either in or out of the ring.

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Mel said...

If Jeff Hardy doesnt win....WWE Better find a better hiding place, somewhere farther than Connecticut